Wine is our passion

Avvino was born to share it.

The desire to bring people closer to the world of wine, to share its beauty, to facilitate the path that makes a simple glass a story and a topic that can last for hours.

This is what prompted us to create Avvino.

Our team is made of sommeliers, oenologists, and producers, all starting with a common point: the love for wine.

The "avvinamento"-or to prime is the gesture that suggested our name, a gesture that encompasses the essential moment in which the wine prepares to come into contact, after long waits and journeys, with us.

Avvino has 16 video lessons to discover the secrets of this vast world, so as to make the most of what already, as sommeliers, oenologists, producers but above all enthusiasts, comes naturally to us: loving wine.

Avvino is a box for those who love the world of wine or want to learn how to do it.

Avvino is a reality born with the aim of accompanying new or already expert enthusiasts along the story of wine, addressing its theoretical and technical aspects, and immediately putting them into practice thanks to unforgettable tastings.

Avvino is a journey of sharing, of experiences, of novelties. A journey that once undertaken you will never forget.

The Avvino Team

Venturino Arpano

Born in 1990 and graduated in law. During his studies, he worked in a wine shop where a fellow winemaker helped him fall in love with the world of wine. An avid AIS Sommelier since 2016, he loves travelling, cooking, concerts, bubbles and above all organizing tastings with friends.

Vittoria Rocca

Born in 1991, a brand ambassador all over the world for Angelo Rocca & Figli - the family wines - and five generations of wine flowing through the veins. Graduated in law, he is a serial traveler, a titled expert taster and a 360-degree hyper wine lover.

Carlo Alberto Baccalini

Born in 1992, he holds a degree in economics intertwined with wine. He is an AIS graduate, lived in Bordeaux for two years where he obtained an MBA in Wine Marketing and Management. With experience in consulting for companies in the sector, he never forgets his undeniable passion for wine.

Costanza Calvi

Born in 1992, an oenologist on paper and full-time winemaker on the Tuscan coast. Rock & Blues raised him, so the arts made him passionate. He loves biodynamics, antiquity, cooking, and he couldn't help but fall in love with wine too.

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